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Party News

Will I receive confirming of my booking in writing?

Yes, once your party booking is confirmed, a completed Booking Contract will be emailed to you with details of how to make any required deposit payment. Richard will also contact you a couple of days before the party to confirm the final arrangements.

How many children shall I invite?

It’s best to keep numbers between 25-35 (class size). This keeps a more personal atmosphere and enables me to keep the focus on the birthday child.

What should I bear in mind when decorating the venue?

Go and create but… Balloons can cause mayhem with excitable children. Some children will play fight with balloons and loud bangs can be quite upsetting for the little ones. For Health and Safety Reasons balloons will be removed from the floor once party commences. Please make sure they are on display but out of reach!!

What time should I book the party for?

To ensure that any food provided is actually eaten, the best times for parties are either a lunchtime party 11-1pm or tea time party for 3-5pm. Older children may want party at a later time. Our latest start time is 6pm which perfect for those children who want a cool disco party.

Do I need to supply prizes?

No, I will supply prizes and sweets suitable for the age group of the party.

What time will I arrive at the party?

I usually arrive at the venue between 45-60 minutes prior to the start of the party.

What time should I provide the food and drink during the party?

Normally, food is eaten half way through the party but drinks should be readily available as lively children means thirsty children!

Will you play my child’s favourite music?

Yes of course. Please make sure you give me details of all their favourites on the reverse of your booking confirmation form.

How much time will I need to allow to clear away at the end of the party?

Please allow a minimum of 30 minutes for all equipment to be cleared away once the entertainment has finished.

Party Check List

  • Bring a camera to capture the memories
  • Don’t forget a knife, candles and matches for the birthday cake
  • Napkins for wrapping the cake.
  • Bin Bags for rubbish
  • Bag to put presents in to take home.
  • Kitchen rolls (spillages!)
  • Tea, Coffee, Milk & Sugar (for parents who may stay - especially for the little ones)
  • Pen and paper for contact numbers and a list for thank you letters.
  • String, scissors and cellotape for decorations
  • Mobile Phone (For Emergencies!)
  • Party poppers are not recommended as they can be very dangerous. The manufactures age rating is 16+years


We have put into place new measures to make sure we are complying with government guidelines and keeping audiences safe. A Risk Assessment has been compiled which can be emailed to any venue when requested. Please click to download full details.


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You can download and print our Colouring Page and Party Invitation

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